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First Steps Necessary To Take Immediately Following The Accident

A. Key checklist to comply with immediately following the crash
1. Obtain the other party’s driver’s license and contacts.
2. Obtain the other party’s auto insurance information.
3. Take ample photos of the other vehicle.
4. If you were able to locate potential witnesses of the accident, get their contact information even if they do not have a good command of English.
5. Do not be afraid to call the police. Contact the police as you will need a formal police report to have a proof for your case. Do not admit or negate any statement which you are unsure of. It is better to answer” I don’t know” than answer definitely “yes”, or “no” and get into trouble later because of that definite statement.
6. Seek immediate medical attention and tell your physician everything you can about the accident including any pain you are having
7.Before you sign anything consult a qualified California car accident lawyer to avoid mistakes
B. Following the accident, you need an experienced and dedicated auto injury lawyer by your side to fight for your case. That is another way of saying you should contact us on the spot. Besides helping resolve your case efficiently, we will help make sure you get the fair injury settlement that you are entitled to. We will negotiate with your insurance company and handle the entire process.
Take action now and contact us today! We will provide a free consultation to assess your situation, as well as offer you information on the compensation rights that are guaranteed to you under City of Los Angeles law.