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Don’t like it? Lemon it!

Ever bought a car and had to drive straight back for repairs? Ended up paying thousands of pocket expenses to fix various issues with the vehicle? Then, you might have bought a "lemon"...The California Lemon Law is the strongest and most consumer-friendly lemon law in the country. It exists to protect you. So, what is a lemon law? Luckily, the buyer of a defective car under the California lemon law is entitled to receive the value of the down payment, monthly payments, and total loan payoff. In addition, the buyer may also recover costs for repairs, towing, and rental cars. Alternatively, you can elect to receive a similar replacement vehicle.
What if life gives you a lemon?
Vehicles that appear fine but are, in fact, fundamentally defective or prone to failure are known as "lemons." Lemon protection would kick in if you spend money on your vehicle during warranty fixing various major safety issues.
To qualify to lemon law claim you need
1. The vehicle that has had the original manufacturer's warranty, regardless of the fact that it is brand new or an old used one. Vehicles which are under extended service contracts are generally not eligible for California Lemon Law

2. To show the ability of the manufacturer who attempted to repair. Reasonable number of attempts usually depends on the nature of the defect.

3. The repair must be significant enough to impair the use of the vehicle, pose a significant safety risk to the occupants, and significantly drop the value of the car.

4. The issue cannot have been caused by the unauthorized or unreasonable use of the vehicle after it has been sold.
According to California law, the clock starts ticking for a lemon law claim the date of person's knowledge that their vehicle qualified as a lemon under the above criteria. The best way for a consumer to know when their statute of limitations began is to consult with an experienced lawyer who will give accurate and competent guidance on the legal matter in question.
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