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Yeva Hovsepyan Paralegal

Ms. Hovsepyan’s career goals were fulfilled when her love of the law and her love for helping people finally came together as she started with Glendale Law Group in the Spring of 2022.

The truly most enjoyable part of her job is communicating with the clients. Helping to explain things to them and answer their questions gives her a great sense of fulfillment. She also finds it important to simply provide a sympathetic ear when a client is scared or worried.

Her past work experience has helped enhance her personal skills and enables her to work well with different generations and people from all walks of life. She is patient, receptive, observant, and respectful. She is also very enthusiastic and encouraging, with an incredible work ethic, which makes her an invaluable member of the Glendale Law Group Family. Ms. Hovsepyan is fluent at Armenian and Russian.

Ms. Hovsepyan graduated from Professional Paralegal Academy where she pursues her Paralegal Certification.